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Rehab Scam

Rehab Scam

I find that satire is one of my favourite forms of humour, and a true master of the art is John Oliver. He did a piece last night of the shocking lack of oversight in the rehab industry in the United States. Indeed rehab is a general catch all for working with addiction, which in itself it is difficult to even know what specifically is being used. The lack of credible evidenced based treatment plans is shocking.

People who suffer with addiction have great challenges just getting sober, let alone keeping sober for the rest of their lives. These private rehab clinics charge up to $73,000 per month for treatment. There are very limited independent data as to how effective these programmes are. These clinics often create “independent review websites” to big up their competence. Interestingly, the majority of these places have an 80% success rate. I have been a therapist for almost 30 years and I can tell you an 80% success rate is neigh on impossible. So you are desperate for getting well, your centre says they have an 80% success rate and you fail, you have an inbuilt marketing plan which means that people will often not share failures because they don’t want to be in the 20%. Disgusting!

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