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Routine and Productivity

Routine and Productivity

Friends and clients alike often ask me how I mange to get so much done. I maintain two clinical practices, I am Principal of the oldest college of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in the UK, I am Chair and a member of several committees. I am sure you get the picture. Many clients present to me with issues on motivation and productivity and I try to incorporate much of what I have learned in order to help my clients achieve their outcomes and goals.

I have mentioned before the importance of routine in terms of working with sleep issues and I have to say that this is true of productivity as well. Everyday, that includes holidays, I have my daily routine. I seldom deviate from it, unless I am ill. Keeping to this routine means I get everything I need to do done. Indeed, as I write this missive, it represents the first task in the day (except waking up, of course).

I help my clients to work out what routine suits them best and then use hypnosis as a means of reinforcing this into the individuals unconscious mind. Now this is not to say they do not have to put in the effort to maintain it. I do say that anecdotally hypnosis does make the process easier for most to achieve.

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