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Hypnotherapy and Arachnophobia

Hypnotherapy and Arachnophobia

As the weather improves and we go out side more, a common issue becomes more prevalent. That fear is arachnophobia. I am sure that most of you already know that arachnophobia is a fear of spiders. There is no one universal reason that people suffer with this. So there is no universal consensus as to its cause. People who suffer with this can be emotionally paralysed when they are confronted with one of these beasties. Now, of course, fear is meant to be a defence mechanism meant to keep us safe so there is an importance with the treatment to acknowledge that your mind is trying to keep you safe when experiencing this fear. However, the fear is often amplified far more than the potential risks spiders pose to an individual. Certainly in the UK.

There are a plethora of hypnotic approaches a therapist might employ to work with this fear. It might be a simple as some direct suggestion work. Or, more complex, like regression to cause or solution focused work. Like with all things, the approach will have to be tailored to your needs and not something generic. A competent hypnotherapist will ensure that the approach he or she utilises will be the one best suited to you.

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