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Be Mindful of What You Pay For Hypnotherapy

Be Mindful of What You Pay For Hypnotherapy

Now that Christmas has passed it it time to start writing about professional subjects again. I was reading today about a woman who suffered with a food phobia who drove to London to pay £300 for a single session of hypnotherapy. The session according to the paper was a success. However, I was shocked that someone would drive all the way from the North West of England to London and then pay such a large sum for a single session. Now I knot the neigh sayers out there will say that I am being unfairly critical and that people can charge what they want for therapy. Which of course is true, and there is a position one can take that the effort this person went through helped to solidify her success.

I do want to say though that money should never be the deciding factor as to whom you consult. I know there are those who charge a huge amount for their work and believe that they are worth it. Perhaps they are, however, these people are often those with the most basic of training and the success claims that they make are suspect to say the least. Now, I am not saying this is the case in this instance, especially as the article does not name the therapist in question. But I do say to you, be mindful of what you pay for therapy, you might find that you are paying way over the odds for a service that you could get from a better qualified therapist for much, much less of an investment.

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