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Get Ready For The New Year

Get Ready For The New Year

Well we are closing in on New Year’s Day and the traditional need to make resolutions for change. I generally recommend to clients to not bother with resolutions because like diets, these are temporary rather than genuine long term change. Rather than a New Year’s resolutions, we should be focusing on the aspects of our lives that we want to change and to make serious effort to make them permanent.

It is part of our quick answer world that we believe that all we have to do is say we want to change and presto, we change. this of course is not the way things work at all. Wouldn’t it be great if they did and that all we had to do is say things and they manifested themselves without the work being required.

Now I am not saying that therapy is the answer for everyone, because there are some changes that a person can make without any outside assistance. However, for many people therapy can provide the support and structure to make life changes which last a life time. In any event, if you are going to make changes in the New Year, give these changes serious thought and make them a reality.

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