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Is Boxing Day Really What Christmas Should Be

Is Boxing Day Really What Christmas Should Be

Well for many of my American friends and colleagues they are back to work the day after Christmas. We in the UK still celebrate the day after Christmas as Boxing Day. Now no one is really sure how it came to be. The general consensus is that it is an opportunity to give to the poor. It strikes me that this is what this season is all about.

Christmas has in many ways become far too commercial for many people, including me. Christmas is meant to be the time when we think of other people and their needs. I love the idea that Boxing Day was about collecting things for people who are in need and helping them to enjoy this time of year.

With all the pain and suffering in the world, it is good to be reminded that we were not always so jaded. Indeed, when people had less, we tended to give more. It is important that we get back to that stage where we can be truly human. By which I mean, we are a community, rich and poor, black and white, whatever our differences are our same are far greater. Happy Boxing Day.

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