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Don’t Give in to NYE Pressure to Drink

Don’t Give in to NYE Pressure to Drink

Well for many people tomorrow is the best day of the holiday season, New Year’s Eve. Drinks a plenty good friends and all the trimmings are what most people look forward to. However, there seems to be a hidden pressure to drink more on the night than perhaps you would normally do.

It goes by often unnoticed, “ah go on have one more” “Come on it is New Year’s Eve” and a person finds themselves giving into a bit of peer pressure. Now, I am fond of a drink. I would never suggest that one should not drink on New Year’s Eve (Unless of course one has an alcohol problem). What I do suggest is that you know yourself better than anyone and you know your limits better than anyone. It is important that you keep your boundaries because they are your boundaries.

By doing this does not mean that you won’t have a nice evening, indeed it is far more likely that you will remember more of the day than you would have if you over did it. Also, New Year’s Day will not be a write off because you are nursing a bad head if you keep to within your limits of drink. Keeping this in mind, have a great night.

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