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Felicitations of the Day

Felicitations of the Day

Today is a day not for therapy today is a day for being with the ones you care for if possible. If not, today is the day to make the best of the silence on the streets, a warm hearth, and a mindful mind. Whatever your beliefs are, even if you have no beliefs I think we can all come together at least once a year and give glad tidings to each other and to celebrate our similarities rather than exploit our differences.

People, wherever they are from and whatever they believe are united in a common bond, a mystic tie if you will, which is indivisible. The sadness of the state of the world is that we forget this all too often. Out hearts harden towards one another and this is a sign of our weakness as a species. I wonder what Darwin would have made of it all.

In any event, on this day which began life as a pagan festival used to conceal the celebrations of a new sect called Christians I hope that you are where you want to be, and if you are not may you have a speedy return to where you want to be. Happy Christmas to you all.


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