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Relax It’s Only Christmas

Relax It’s Only Christmas

Well it is the day before Christmas and people are beginning to get together and the festivities are beginning. For most, this will be a lovely time to be spent with family and friends. However, inevitably, there will also be tears and rows. You would think that at this time of year people would be on their best behaviour. The influence of alcohol and buried feelings of anger and resentment come to the surface and the accessibility of the people around you can lead to shall we say cathartic exchanges. Or in layman’s terms bust ups.

We are busy people and we do not spend a great deal of time with our loved ones on a day to day basis, the confined spaces which come with Christmas can show the cracks in our personal relationships and this can lead to discord. I generally think that we all need to take a breath and be calm, Christmas will pass and then we can get perspective as to the good and bad in our relationships. The holidays are not the time to make rash life changing decisions, but rather should be a time for winding down and relaxing so, have a relaxing holiday season.

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