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Be Sure Your Therapist is Qualified to Provide the Services Offered

Be Sure Your Therapist is Qualified to Provide the Services Offered

When looking about what to write about today, I came across an article in which a therapist is giving relationship advice despite the fact that therapists are not here to give advice in the first instance and in the second instance this individual is not qualified in relationship therapy.

I have banged on about this for years, and I will continue to do so, it is essential that therapists restrict their work to providing services that they are qualified to offer. Whilst a person may feel that they have special insight into one area of work, insight is not the same as being qualified. Also, clients will often want us to give advice, which I admit is tempting. However, therapists are not in the business of giving advice as we are not here to give answers to clients.

We are meant to give clients space to come to their own conclusions rather than providing answers. This is the most adult way for clients to move forward. Also, it is not for us to take responsibility for the success or failure of where a client gets to. If a client comes to his or her own conclusions as to what they need to do, it allows the client to not only be autonomous, but also responsible for their outcomes.

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