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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

I have written on weight management a few times on this blog, but one subject I have not written on is this “procedure” called the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy or the HypnoBand. One only needs look at the popular press to get an impression that this is the single greatest advanced in weight management since the words “No thanks I am full” were created. But if we look at the evidence, is this really all it’s cracked up to be.

In the popular press there are some anecdotal case studies which say how amazing this process is, but these are just that anecdotal. None of these cases were studied under formal research conditions and in truth we only have the word of the interviewee as to the effectiveness of the process.

Also, if we were going to create a treatment which is done under hypnosis, would we not create one with a better success rate than the gastric band. Studies (real ones) have shown up to a 75% recidivism rate in people when the band is removed. This means that up to 75% of people after the band has been surgically removed put the weight back on.

I am afraid there are no magic solutions to weight management and I would urge you to think twice before putting your faith into yet another fad way to lose weight. I am afraid that until there is proper research as to the efficacy of the gastric band hypnotherapy it is and will remain nothing more than a fad.

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