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Hypnotherapy and Intimacy

Hypnotherapy and Intimacy

One of the most common issues that people are presenting with in my office are issues relating to being intimate. The presenting issues usually revolve around sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and performance concerns. Most, if not all of these symptoms are purely psychological in nature. However, something even more important to consider is what exactly is intimacy about.

For many, the act of being intimate is seen as some sort of contest or performance in which they place themselves under inordinate pressure and then project the cause of that pressure on their partner. Interestingly, the partner is seldom aware of any issue as this is not a subject that is discussed due to embarrassment.

Intimacy is not however about the actual physical act but it is truly about the emotional  connection and expression of feelings which transcend the act of physical intimacy. Helping a client to be in the now, present and aware and yes even mindful of the sensations and emotions present are very important and will eventually lead to a reduction of the presenting issues.

Intimacy is a basic human need and should not be underestimated in its importance and necessity. Make time for those you care for and it will pay dividends in your emotional health in the long run.

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