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Hypnotherapy and Me Time

Hypnotherapy and Me Time

One of the most common phrases in today’s vernacular is “I need me time”. It is a fascinating concept because, I have always viewed life from the perspective of everything I do ultimately is my choice, therefore all my time is me time. Saying that, when I first qualified over 27 years ago, I made it part of my daily ritual to utilise self hypnosis in order to get a sense of being grounded and focused.

As my best friend always said “You cannot control everything, but you can manage anything”, this 20 minutes a day I make for myself is an essential part of my daily routine as much as brushing my teeth or having a shower. I try to impress upon all of my client this need to be “selfish”. Now I know many of you reading this will say that selfishness is a bad thing. I tell you it is not. Selfish means to put yourself first (or at least somewhere at the top of your list). Selfish people tend to survive and thrive. I do not mean selfishness at the cost of others, but selfishness for the benefit of self primarily.

Now many people say that they cannot make the time to do self hypnosis or meditation every day. This is the reason why I created a free app with several recordings on them which people can listen to without feeling that they need to be a skilled meditator or skilled hypnotist to benefit. You can get this free app by clicking the appropriate icon on this website. In the meanwhile have a mindful and productive day.

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