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Hypnotherapy and Limiting Beliefs

Hypnotherapy and Limiting Beliefs

One of the most distressing things that I see in my office on a day to day basis is people who have all the potential in the world, everything conceivable going for them and yet they still do not believe that they are able to achieve any of what they want and need in life.

It was in a Dirty Harry film, I believe, where the catchphrase was “A man has got to know his limitations”. And on the surface this is quite correct. It is not in a person’s interests to endeavour to do things that are outside the scope of probability or even possibility.

However, where do some of our limitations come from? Is it possible that we are holding onto beliefs that have long outlived their usefulness? The answer to these questions are clear. Often our limiting beliefs come from the best intended people who are trying in their way to keep us safe. These people do not realise, however, that their attempts to keep us safe may actually stop us from thriving.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to get to the reasons for our limiting beliefs and shaking them off like old dust and giving people an opportunity to write a new chapter of their lives one where limitations are reasonable and not destructive.

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