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Hypnotherapy and Birthing a Winning Combination

Hypnotherapy and Birthing a Winning Combination

Ask any of my students or indeed anyone who wants to talk to me about hypnotherapy and you will hear that I bang on about the importance of techniques and procedures being evidenced based. Now this is a phrase which has multiple meanings depending on who you are talking to. In my view, evidenced based procedures have been studied and shown to be effective in ways that are able to be replicated by other practitioners.

Birthing and hypnosis have been linked together for decades and indeed, there is a growing database of research which shows that hypnotherapy when applied to child birth can really make the experience much more pleasant for both the mother and child.

I must admit to a bias at this point, I know that there are a number of different programmes out there and I have researched them all, to my mind the best researched and most effective is the Easibirth System developed by my colleague and friend Sharon Mustard. This programme is being used everyday in National Health Hospitals and by Midwives and Hypnotherapists the length and breadth of the country.

I do not offer such a service in my own practice, but I urge anyone who is looking for assistance with birthing and hypnosis be you a practitioner or a couple looking for support to contact the Easibirthing specialists at

Now before you say this sounds like an advertisement, well maybe it is a little, but I believe that it is important to let you all know about approaches which may enhance your therapeutic offerings as well as providing to the public information about things I do not do, but can be done by another practitioner.

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