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Hypnotherapy and Anxiety Triggers

Hypnotherapy and Anxiety Triggers

One of the most common complaints I work with are anxiety disorders. Anxiety can cover a wealth of issues and indeed it causes a great deal of distress for those who suffer. I am often asked by clients, “What causes anxiety?” The simple answer is that anxiety is a built in response of our very human nature. We all have the fight or flight response innate in all of us.

However, what sets the wheels in motion are what we call triggers. Triggers are what could be argued as the cause of the anxiety response. So for example, getting on a plane is a trigger for people afraid of flying or spiders being a trigger for arachnophobia sufferers.

The reality of an anxiety trigger is that it is outside of our control, Things that trigger anxiety responses occur outside of the individual. Whilst these things cannot be changed, unless of course, one simply avoids the triggers entirely, these things can be controlled.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent means of teaching a person how to manage their triggers and their responses. Through trancework a person can learn in the safety of his/her own mind as to how to deal with a anxiety situation in a more healthy way, before having to deal with it in the outside world.

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