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Have a Mindful Holiday

Have a Mindful Holiday

As we edge closer and closer to Christmas, I was contemplating the importance of being mindful at this time of year. For many people this is a time to think about what might be. By which I mean, will everyone have a nice time, will the dinner be perfect, will everyone behave, etc. These thoughts are really counterproductive at this time, as if one wishes to truly celebrate the season, one must be present in what is happening in the here and now, not worrying about what might be or what has happened in the past.

Everyday, gives us a new opportunity to start again. The holidays are no exception, why should the holidays be the same as always, why not create new memories, new traditions and really connect with each other? I know that for many people the pressure is on, but if you want to have a really enjoyable and restful holiday, you need to be present. Indeed, being present is the best present for you this year. Give yourself the present of being present. This gift will help you to truly be connected and should lead to you feeling better not only about the people around you, but also to feel better about yourself.

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