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Have a Mindful Sunday

Have a Mindful Sunday

Traditionally, Sunday has been the universal day of rest for most people. People tended to relax with friends and family and do very little but just be. Over time, however, this has changed and in reality for many people Sunday is like any other day of the week. People work, shop and are generally busy so that downtime is lost with many repercussions for a person’s mental health and well being.

I often teach on a weekend, but when I do I try a bit of time during the week to be present and mindful. To look at myself and my life and just be contented with where I am at that moment in time. I have found that this has kept me balanced with all the things going on in my life both professionally and personally. This mindful place is a time to just be.

This time to just be is what we used to do as a matter of course on a Sunday, so with the loss of this, we need to make the time for our own health and well being. So like the title says, have a mindful Sunday if you can just spend time being rather than doing.


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