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Negative Self Talk and Mental Health

Negative Self Talk and Mental Health

In all the years I have been practising therapy, there is one thing that I have always said to clients that they could do to assist themselves with their own mental state. That is to mind their language. No that is not a code way of saying don’t swear or otherwise. What I mean is what do you say to yourself, what language do you use.

I know a guy in my personal life who will always say “Oh, I’m tired” or “Oh I am stressed” when he is asked about how he is doing. Now, I am not saying that these feelings are invalid, far be it for me to say that. Rather I am saying that there are better ways of saying this which can have a better effect on his mind set. For example, he could add the word “today” to these statements. It may seem simple, but to add this word implies that the state is not a permanent one.

When we speak in absolutes or finalities it becomes more and more complicated to shift the feeling. We need to be our own best cheerleader. Speak to ourselves the way we would want to be spoken too. You would be surprised to see how much of a positive impact this will have on your own mental well being.

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