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Be Careful of Claiming Success

Be Careful of Claiming Success

This is a familiar rant today, and something that I believe is an issue which must lay firmly at the feet of hypnotherapy trainers. I am so tired of practitioners claiming that this approach or that approach is the most effective method of treating this condition or that. All too often, these claims are due to trainers making this claim to their students and the students do not know better to question it. They then go into practice claiming the same pap that their trainer did. They never truly understood that the claim made is meaningless.

For an approach to be better than another and for it to be valid, it has to be researched. And that does not mean anecdotal research, I mean research under proper conditions in order for the approach to be properly scrutinised by peers and put to the appropriate tests. I have seen too many trainers offer their opinions as facts when they are nothing but opinions.

Sure there are anecdotal measures of proof, but to make claims as to an approach’s superiority, it must be tested and re-tested. If you consult a therapist and they are claiming their approach is the best and most effective, please do your homework and ask how they came to this conclusion. Your mind is worth the best, be sure that you are getting it.

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