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Why Consider Hypno-Psychotherapy

Why Consider Hypno-Psychotherapy

A common question I get asked from potential clients and even members of the public is “What is the difference between hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy?” I will usually answer that there should not be one, but in reality there are several differences. The first difference is the length of a practitioner’s training. Legitimate hypno-psychotherapists, by legitimate I mean those recognised by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (the lead body for psychotherapy in the UKP) undertake a minimum of four years training at Masters Degree level before their accreditation. When compared to some hypnotherapists who may only have a single weekend or correspondence training you can see that this is a significant difference.

The second difference is that hypno-psychotherapists have training in a variety of psychotherapeutic schools of thought. Hypno-Psychotherapists do not engage in script based hypnosis. They use hypnosis as their vehicle for delivering psychotherapeutic services. Hypnotherapists by in large do not have any formal psychotherapy training. Alternatively they have a pick and mix of approaches which may well be effective, but sadly the practitioner may not understand why the approach is effective and why to use it.

Finally, and perhaps most important, hypno-psychotherapists do not have to employ hypnosis at all. Hypno-Psychotherapists are qualified psychotherapists, first, foremost and primarily. For these practitioners hypnosis is a vehicle for therapy not therapy in and of itself. This allows for the maximum flexibility in the therapeutic dynamic. So when looking for hypnosis treatment, why not consider hypno-psychotherapy as opposed to hypnotherapy. It may prove the best decision you can make.

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