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More On Sleep and Its Myths

More On Sleep and Its Myths

One of the most common things I work with clients on is sleep. Whether they came because of sleep issues or whether sleep issues is a consequence of the issue that they did present with, sleep is often an issue which arises when dealing with mental health issues. People fail to recognise the importance of sleep. In addition to this, they often believe things about sleep which are patently not true.

There was an interesting article this morning on the BBC website which discusses the myths of sleep. The one which I find the most interesting is the notion that we can survive on less than five hours sleep. This is a myth that was perpetuated by Mrs Thatcher back in the day and Mrs Merkel today. Researchers believe that less than five hours sleep was healthy, was one of the most damaging myths to health. This is not only mental, but physical health.

Sleep is a necessary part of our lives, without it we suffer both mentally and physically. The body and mind need this time to recharge. Additionally, what comes with a lack of sleep comes a lack of perspective. If you are suffering, why not try hypno-psychotherapy. It can be a very helpful intervention which can assist with good sleep and good mental health.

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