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Have a Bit of Perspective

Have a Bit of Perspective

Sorry for regular readers of my missives for yesterday, it was a travelling day for me and I just did not have the chance to write up something for your enjoyment. Over the Easter break I was involved in a bit of an accident, one of those things that looked worse than it actually was, but it did give me pause.

I see so many clients who do so much to prepare for every eventuality and obsess. While they do this, they forget to live. I was thinking when I had the accident was that if this were serious, I would just have to leave things in the lap of the gods. I did everything I should have done to be safe, but things happen. Preparation is good and necessary, but obsessing is not a good thing at all because there are times when things happen which are outside of your control, despite your best efforts.

We all need a bit more perspective in our lives. Things will often happen which are unexpected. Our ability to deal with this shows our innate resilience. Resilience is what helps us to survive life we can all do with a bit more of it.

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