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Being A Harley Street Therapist Is Not A Qualification

Being A Harley Street Therapist Is Not A Qualification

This is a subject that I have alluded to over the years but thought I would be more blunt today. So often I see articles which quote “Harley Street Expert”. I can totally understand that people would like the “prestige” of being associated with a famous address associated with medical excellence, however, it is NOT a qualification.

I have found that those in any field who are considered to be experts are graded as such due to their skills, qualifications and experience not their office address. That is to say if they even have a “real” presence there at all. I know of a couple of organisations who have Harley Street addresses which are simply mail drop addresses. In other words, they are only using the address for post not for clients or training.

I know there are some who will think I am being a bit of a Scrooge about this, but I really want the profession to bring its game up. The field is far more professional than when I joined it in 1989. However, more still needs to be done. This is the responsibility of both individual practitioners as well as professional association and training organisations. If we all work together, the profession can get the recognition that it deserves.

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