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Is a Hypno-Psychotherapist The Same as a Hypnotherapist

Is a Hypno-Psychotherapist The Same as a Hypnotherapist

I could make this my shortest post and simply say NO. However, I think it better to give a more full explanation of this. Back in the mid 1990’s, there was a Section in the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy called the Hypnotherapy Section. This caused a certain degree of difficulties, as practitioners at that time undertook a 3 year post graduate training to become registered with UKCP (that requirement has since become a 4 year Masters Degree Level Training). The difficulty was that if everyone was called a hypnotherapist how could the public be made aware of the advanced training and qualifications of those who were registered with UKCP. Remember, this was in the days before the Internet made it easier to check the bonafides of a potential practitioner.

The then Director of Training of the National School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Ray Keedy Lilley came up with the title Hypno-Psychotherapist to describe what it is that those who undertook this advanced training did. This has been the name ever since. However, as will all good things, there are copy cats and now there are some people calling themselves hypo-psychotherapists who do not have the moral right to. Please remember, if you seek a hypno-psychotherapist, please make sure that he or she is registered with the UKCP as it was and is their title to bestow.

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