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Is Hypnotherapy An Article of Faith

Is Hypnotherapy An Article of Faith

One of the things which has always bothered me about hypnotherapy is that many people seem to think that they need to believe in it, as if it were a matter of faith. It could be said that all treatments, conventional and non-conventional alike require some belief from the client to enable better results. For some reason, Hypnotherapy, in the eyes of some is totally based on a client’s belief in the process.

It could be because of the ritualistic nature of the induction, triggering and deepening of trance. For many this is like being guided into meditation, which is and of itself ritual like. Whilst there is some component of this, hypnotherapy requires both client and therapist to work together towards an intersectional outcome in order to achieve the client’s stated goal.

Indeed, because all hypnosis is self hypnosis, the client plays an active role in their own therapeutic dynamic. This is not faith but hard work. Also it cannot be denied that there is a plethora of peer reviewed evidence which shows the hows and whys hypnotherapy works. I often tell my students that hypnotherapy’s public recognition is a double edged sword. This issue about the need to believe in Hypnotherapy is the perfect example of what I mean.

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