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Hypnotherapists and the Media

Hypnotherapists and the Media

I have been looking at the marketing of several practitioners around the UK, and I have been noticing a trend. This trend is not something which I believe is a good thing, indeed, it is something that I think is a potential misrepresentation. I am noticing more and more practitioners using their media appearances as “qualifications”.

Now, anyone who has been in practice for any reasonable length of time has done some media work. I include myself in this of course. I even have a specific page on my website which states what sort of media coverage I have had. However, this is not the same as my qualifications and experience page. Regular readers of my postings will know that I have a certain difficulty with journalists being lazy when it comes to sourcing articles about hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Appearance in an article does not and should not imply that the person is any more competent than any other. It is not for practitioners to use these appearances for any more than an interesting “by the way” part of their marketing. It is not and should not be the basis as to why a person will seek therapeutic services with a practitioner. I am not saying do not show your professional light, but I am saying keep it responsible.

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