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Qualifications and Hypnotherapy

Qualifications and Hypnotherapy

Yesterday’s posting got me thinking about the need to write a bit more on the importance of qualifications when it comes to hypnotherapy. Now, I know that there will be people in the field who will have a certain opinions on this which will be at variance with my own. I base my views on nearly 30 years of clinical practice and over 25 years of training therapists. There is a great many qualifications available in hypnotherapy in the UK as well as elsewhere. Most people, including potential students, are confused by the choices available to them. Often people make up their minds based on the quality of the website more than the quality of the training.

Now, there are only so many ways to learn to hypnotise someone. This, however, is not the most important part of the training. The most important part of the training is how one uses the hypnotic state therapeutically. This requires a great deal of understanding and study. It also requires, in my opinion, substantial training in professional ethics and a keen grasp on scope of practice. Not every training will do this. Additionally, I would suggest that the quicker courses leave far less time for these very essential training components. If you are seeking hypnotherapy, do you not owe it to yourself to avail of yourself of the most thoroughly trained practitioner available?

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