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Dating Hypnotherapy

Dating Hypnotherapy

I know the above two words do not really go together naturally, but I was reading an article about a hypnotherapist who is offering this service to clients. Basically, it appears that this individual offers a six week programme to help people to overcome their emotional blocks when it comes to relationships. Whilst of course, this is nothing new. Therapists have for years been helping clients to overcome issues relating to past failed relationships.

There is a bit of a concern as I read that the therapist in question is also giving advice as to what to put out in one’s dating profile. This is a concern, because it is not what therapy is meant to be about. We do not give advice, we help people to come to their own conclusions regarding how they are meant to go forward in life. By advising clients as to what to do, we open ourselves up for potential backlash when things do not work according to plan.

The dating world has changed in the past decade, and it is clear that there are a number of new issues which have come up because of this. A hypnotherapist with a strong background in psychotherapy can help clients to overcome many of these issues. It is not a quick fix and it requires patience and honesty, but in the right hands and with the appropriate therapeutic relationship it is possible to help your dating life through hypnotherapy.

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