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Please Stop Using Ridiculous Hypnotherapy Titles

Please Stop Using Ridiculous Hypnotherapy Titles

As I look for things to write about for my daily musings, and I know I have looked at this subject before. This is something however that is really driving me nuts. More and more hypnotherapists are using titles which are more familiar to that of vaudeville stages, “The Weight Loss Master”, “Professor Phobia”, and the “Hypnotic Master” are examples of the type of thing that I am referring to.

I have a real desire that hypnotherapy get’s itself into a position where it will be able to move into a legitimate professional footing. Think about it, if you wanted to see a surgeon would you be attracted to the “Knife Master”, or a psychiatrist calling himself “The Mind Bender”, or finally a physician who calls herself “Dr Feelgood”. Silly, yes? Of course. Because these professionals act like professionals and they would never call themselves such ridiculous names.

If you want to be a stage hypnotist, feel free to call yourself whatever you like, but if you are trying to portray yourself as a professional, please stop calling yourself by ridiculous monikers. If your skills, experience and qualifications are not enough to make you feel good about your own work, maybe you should consider another profession.

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