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A Time For New Beginnings

A Time For New Beginnings

Part of the real joy of my professional life is that I am a part of so many people changing their lives and having new beginnings. It is something that I think is at the core of all psychotherapeutic change. When we change things cannot be as they were before so taking that as a given all changes are new beginnings which are exciting as well as a little scary for those who are having the change. Change is an inevitability but it is also a little frightening. People will often try to avoid change, but in reality it is something that cannot be stopped as we are an evolutionary species.

I had a call from a very good friend yesterday who was ending his career to move on to something that he is passionate about. As his friend, I was delighted to share in this transformation which is just as agreeable to see in one’s friends as well as one’s clients.

I urge those of you reading this to recognise that there is nothing to be fearful of when it comes to change. It is part of who we are and what we are about. Change gives us all hope for the life we want to have.

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