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The Right People For The Right Job

The Right People For The Right Job

The weekend which just passed was another teaching weekend for me. I don’t teach as much as I used to as I generally undertake the the first part of a practitioner’s training. This was always my favourite stage to teach, because one gets to see the caliber of the student at this early stage and to see what sort of practitioner they have the potential to become.

The Stage One group I worked with this weekend, were and are one of the most inquisitive groups I have ever had. Their thought process goes far beyond the teaching notes in front of them. They are already looking at connections as to how things will inter connect when doing therapy. Even to the point of looking at philosophical constructs and how they may fit into their eventual practice.

This is greatly encouraging to me, as I have always believed in the concept that you want the right people doing the right job. At this early stage it is impossible to say for certain how these students will turn out as practitioners. But I can say that at this stage their enthusiasm and curiosity will put them in very good stead to become some of the better practitioners here in the UK.

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