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Beware of Addictions Experts

Beware of Addictions Experts

Yes, it’s time for another semi rant about how practitioners present themselves to the public. Addiction is very much in the news with a variety of new manifestations of addiction we are becoming far more aware of addiction. When something becomes more in the public eye then some practitioners will attempt to cash in on it. Addiction is no different, with new “addiction experts” popping up from out of the woodpile.

Addiction is serious business and requires a very specific skill set in order to provide the best possible therapeutic service. However, simply using platitudes and basic hypnosis might be able to help a person in the short term, but it will not lead to proper, permanent change.

These “experts” exist because they are good marketers and clients are too ill information to ask them the right questions as to how precisely they will be able to help. Qualifications and experience is essential in this type of treatment, but all too often clients are too vulnerable to ask these questions, but will instead accept a practitioner’s claims without proper due diligence. Addiction is a bleak and damaging issue, be sure that if you seek help you are getting the best possible help, you deserve that.

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