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I Even Tried Hypnotherapy

I Even Tried Hypnotherapy

Today’s topic is a typical quote made in articles written in the popular press about hypnotherapy. This is a great frustration to professionals like me. Not that Hypnotherapy is getting decent press, but rather the “even” bit.

The phrase gives the implication that hypnotherapy is still some kind of weird and wacky option to work with a variety of psychological, emotional and even some physiological issues. There is an excellent database of evidenced based studies which shows the efficacy of hypnosis when utilised in a therapeutic setting.

This leaves me to return to a subject that I have written about over the years which is how we present ourselves to both the public and the press. This is a genuine issue. The balance is a difficult one to manage. This is between being professional as well as putting our own unique style into our clinical work.

All too often the personal style wins out and it’s victory is at the cost of the professional image of the hypnotherapy profession. The profession will have to grasp the nettle and enforce a more professional face to our profession. I hope the time will soon come where the word  even is banished from stories about successful hypnotherapy interventions.

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