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Hypnofasting Is This Another Fad

Hypnofasting Is This Another Fad

I have come across another “miracle weight loss method” today, and it is using hypnosis with intermittent fasting in order to help people lose weight. Now I have said on many occasions to clients and students alike that the weight industry often plays on the vulnerability of those who have tried to lose weight and failed. Generally speaking if a person is desperate to lose weight they will try anything. Some hypnotherapists have a tendency to put the word “hypnosis” in front of something already being practised in order to make it sound more powerful or to create product.

When one hears the word fasting, it sends alarm bells especially if it is practised by people who are not well versed and qualified in diet and health. Most experts conclude that a fasting programme can help with weight loss. However,  it’s not a plan that is practical or sustainable for everyone.The idea that hypnosis can assist this to become more so, in my view is folly and would require extensive studies to prove its efficacy.

When trying to lose weight, the golden rule is and always will be eat less calories than you burn off. Whether hypnofasting is a fad or a genuine new way to look at weight loss only time will tell. But before engaging in any kind of fasting programme consult a professional (ie your GP or a Dietician). Fasting can be dangerous, please take care.

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