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The Robot Will See You Now

The Robot Will See You Now

Well I am as big a fan of technology as anyone. I love my iThings and use technology to manage my practice and finances. However, I am very clear about the limitations of what technology can and cannot do. I recently watched the programme “The Robot Will See You Now”, which was meant to show how artificial intelligence has evolved and could even replace psychotherapists and counsellors.

Whilst the programme was mildly entertaining, it is ludicrous to believe that AI could ever re-create the necessary qualities to effectively work with people suffering genuine mental distress. Yes of course, robots can be programmed with as much data as possible. However, data does not make us human. Human interaction is what makes us what we are.

I have to admit to fining the programme rather simplistic and seems more to trivialise the work I have spent the entirety of my adult life trying to master. Whilst you might think that I have an interest in not wanting robots to replace therapists, you would be right. However, just because I have an interest does not mean that I cannot see that when robots become our therapists can our loss of humanity be far behind?

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