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Redemption and Mental Health

Redemption and Mental Health

Today’s offering may sound more like the title for a sermon rather than a psychotherapy posting, but I think it will become clear that this is not about religion. I found myself before preparing for my teaching day today watching my favourite version of “A Christmas Carol” with George C Scott. I do not need to retell the story, but I watched it today and noticed something that is useful therapeutically.

For many people they live their lives and believe that they are on an unchangable path and this can bring people down. The idea that somehow we are not really in control of the direction we take is disheartening. Also, the actions we have engaged in are something that cannot be changed. This is true, in one sense, but we all have the potential to redeem ourselves. Not in the theological or religious sens, but to ourselves and those around us.

If we can find the strength within us to acknowledge our mistakes and our “wrongs” and work to change these and to ask for forgiveness from ourselves and others can be a huge lift in mood and in our mental states. Perhaps that is the hidden meaning of Christmas, we all have the potential to redeeem ourselves and to start the New Year truly anew.

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