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A Bit of a Rant About Advanced

A Bit of a Rant About Advanced

I have been practising hypnotherapy since 1989, and one of the things that really irk me when I see the marketing of some of my colleagues is the ridiculous use of the term “advanced” as a precursor to their title. Be that Advanced Hypnotherapist or Hypnotherapy or the calling of a qualification an Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy or some such pompous title. Part of this pomposity is that there seems to be no level of experience that qualifies one to say they are advanced.

Now I have been qualified since 1989 and have undertaken many thousands of hours of training and over 28000 clinical hours of conducting therapy, and I would not presume to call myself an “Advanced” anything. There are courses which take a person who has no experience in hypnotherapy and in 5 days gives them a “Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy”. How is this possible when the person does not even know “basic” hypnotherapy. So when people who have no real training and no real experience start calling themselves Advanced Hypnotherapists, it makes a mockery of the profession. We who profess to lead this profession should have the bravery to call this practice out for what it is, unscrupulous. It is unscrupulous because it is a title based entirely on the subjective opinion of the trainer of the course or practitioner. This can only confuse potential students and clients to thinking that they are getting a superior service or training. For pity sake, it is time to grow up as a profession and stop this nonsense once and for all.

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