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Being in the Here and Now Never More Important

Being in the Here and Now Never More Important

Some of us who practice psychotherapy talk about clients needing not to focus too much on being in the past or future, but rather to spend time being aware and present in the here and now. Indeed, it could be argued that the here and now is the only place where we have any influence at all. I say this because the past has gone and we cannot go back to it, and the future is yet to come and has not been determined. So in order for us to have influence over ourselves and the world around us we must focus on the here and now.

With all there turmoil going on socio politically at the moment, with all the predictions about how things will be in the future, either great or terrible, we as a people seem to have forgotten about being present right now. Fear will often drive our focus and when we feel uneasy about the now, we look to the past or future to comfort and console us. However, this is an illusion and a distraction. It is important that we all look at the now and take actions to make the here and now better. Be that for our own personal development and growth or be that for the good of the nation and the world. Remember you can change your life by changing today, so give it a try.

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