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Black Friday and Mental Health

Black Friday and Mental Health

Well the time has come, another American import to UK Culture today is Black Friday. This is the day where everyone is meant to be seduced by retailers slashing their prices to make those must have items more in the reach of the average person.

Whilst, I am sure that ther are benefits to be achieved and that there are ethical retailers who are genuinely trying to make things more affordable. There is an issue for people with little money or people who use shopping as a boast in self esteem which are not being considered.

Some retailers use tricks to make the decision for purchase items more urgent “Limited Quantitites” and the use of countdown clocks can cause people great stress and strain. This stress can lead to bad decisions being made which can have long term reprocussions on a person’s financial as well as mental health.

If you are the sort of person who needs to make purchases to feel better, perhaps today is the day to avoid going on line and avoid the high street. If not, please make sure that you are using the best information you can before making decisions which may have an impact on your health.

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