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It’s Time to Consider Time

It’s Time to Consider Time

Ever since I was a boy I had a fascination with watches. How they work, how they measure time, how they are made were and still are things that fascinate me. As a psychotherapist, I am also interested in how we as people process time. I’m sure that most of you heard about 1970’s singer and actor David Cassidy’s death. Whilst I was never a huge fan, I read about his last words which were meant to be “so much wasted time”.

I was moved by that, I thought of the number of clients who come to my office who spend so much time on the minutia rather than living their lives to the full. How often we all are hoping for perfection, and seem unable to do anything until this gets achieved. This even though we know logically that perfection is an aspiration not a destination.

For those of you who read my little thoughts regularly, you will possibly remember about a piece I wrote on the importance of being and living in the present. This thought really does compliment the idea about recognising time and that it is finite. Living is for now, not tomorrow, so for your good mental health, please go out and live for today for it will never come again.

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