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Be Here and Now

Be Here and Now

One of the most common issues that comes through my door is anxiety. Anxiety in all of it’s forms is increasingly common place. There are a number of factors to this, including a more hectic lifestyle and instability around the world add to the difficulties.

However, very often, at the heart of the matter is not being here and now. What I mean is that a person begins to focus their attention more on the individual’s past or future, rather than being focused on what is happening at the moment. Of course, it is appropriate to plan for the future and to be aware of the past, however, in reality these events have either already happened or has yet to occur. In other words, there is little that can be done right now to affect either.

The notion of focusing on the past or future could be a sign of resistance. Rather than doing something about things right now, keeps a person in the very place in which they find themselves. This allows for a person to attribute their current situation to factors which are outside of their control which means the person need not change. If you truly want to change your life, forget about the past and the future and look at the here and now and make the changes needed in order to change your life.

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