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Be Mindful of Cyber-Bullying

Be Mindful of Cyber-Bullying

There is a great deal being written and discussed about cyber-bullying in the popular press as well as in the news. I am seeing far more people in my practice who are suffering with the after effects of being cyber-bullied. Some people believe that this is merely a problem for the young, however it is increasingly becoming an issue for older people as well.

Cyber-bulling is insidious in that it can often take a bit of time to present itself fully, but when it does, the subject of it can feel symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as feeling a lack of self esteem and worth. One of the difficulties for older people is that folk can be way too open with their colleagues. The idea that colleagues from work will often become Facebook friends is, in and of itself, not a problem. However for the bully, this gives access to an individual which often is not granted in a normal working relationship.

I often urge my clients to be very selective as to who they give access to their private world. Whilst things can often start as friendship it can quickly sour leaving the person being vulnerable to cyber-bullying which can cause a plethora of mental health issues.

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