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Tobacco Companies You Got To Love Them NOT

Tobacco Companies You Got To Love Them NOT

This is one of my favourite teaching weekends, my three S’s Smoking, Slimming and Stress. I spent the morning on smoking and I came accross an article which says that Big Tobacco are thwarting efforts to introduce important life saving interventions in two thirds of the world’s poplulation. This information comes from the World Health Organisation.

Tobacco still kills over 7 million people per year eventhough the number of new smokers is decreasing. Big Tobacco are now trying to grow further into Asia and African where they see reglulation as being weak. For far too long, Big Tobacco has had it it’s own way for far too long. It’s political reach is only equaled by Big Pharma. I am training therapists to help people to break this death relationship with tobacco.

Anti smoking legislation and education is part of the battle but therapy and effective therapy is the third force in anti smoking work. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be the most effective way in helping people to end people’s unhealthy relationship with tobacco. The time has come for NICE to look at means other than NRT as ways for people to break their ties with tobacco and to be free and healthy.

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