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Say What You Feel

Say What You Feel

I watched the tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, by her sons Princes William and Harry last night. I thought the programme was fascinating. Their honesty regarding their feelings and insights was truly inspirational in my opinion. The most telling bit regarding this was about their last conversation with their mother and how short it was and how they regret that to this day. Now, obviously they were kid when their mother died and they could not have known about what was to happen.

As adults we should consider out communication with those around us, especially with those we care about. I have seen many people over the years who are riddled with regret because of what hasn’t been said to loved ones before their death. From a human and therapeutic perspective, I believe it is essential that we talk to each other on an honest basis. This honesty of feelings and emotions is a way to be mentally healthy. That which is unsaid is sometimes a major contributory factor in a person’s mental distress.

So it is important that we all tell the people we care about how we feel when we are feeling it. Doing so may be uncomfortable for some people, but in the long run it will help to keep you mentally healthy.

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