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Embrace Simplicity

Embrace Simplicity

I like many professionals spent the early part of my career working hard to be successful. That success was based on position, titles and other things which seemed so very important at the time. I have been re-assessing my life lately, which ironically is the same journey of many of my clients. Having worked with these people, I have gained tremendous insight into my own hopes and desires.

The conclusion I have drawn is simple, whilst attempting to be successful is laudable and important, what is truly important and lasting is the simple things in life. These when I was younger, I felt were unimportant and really easy to ignore. Lately, however, I have recognised that simplicity is a wonderful state of mind.

When we look to what is simple we look into the building blocks of humanity. It is the simple things in live which last. Laughing at a good joke, being moved by a piece of music, walking in the park, spending time with the people you love are so much more lasting than any amount of money or any prestigious position. If you are looking for peace of mind, embrace simplicity and see how much better you feel.

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