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Death and Loss

Death and Loss

It has been twenty years since Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a senseless accident which most experts agree could have been easily avoided. Her sons Princes William and Harry have recently given an interview about her and their feelings of loss since her death.

As I have written before, there is much that we have to be grateful for in that this next generation of the Royal Family are so in tune with their emotions and are vocal advocates for mental health. This, I genuinely believe, can serve as a model for others who are young and are suffering with their emotions and mental health.

Death and loss are difficult for most of use to endure. These are the things that could be considered to be the great equalisers in our lives because everyone will eventually pass and everyone will eventually have to deal with the death of a loved one.

Being honest in our feelings about this will be a great assistance in the grieving process. If we understand that the emotions we experience, no matter how extreme they may be, are good and appropriate, we can handle this life changing experience and still remain healthy in our minds and hearts.

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