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Millions of Pounds Cut in Mental Health Care

Millions of Pounds Cut in Mental Health Care

Despite assurances to the contrary, it would appear that mental health is still the poor relation of healthcare. Indeed, a report which has come out has shown that in 5 regions of the UK, mental health funding will be cut by £4.5 million this year.

It is worrying that when there are some major, and welcome, initiatives to normalise the approach to looking at mental health, it appears that in many places there is a failure to match those fine works with finer deeds. By which I mean, money. Without money, mental health will languish behind the push towards greater physical health. However, with 25% of the population likely to suffer with some form of mental health issue in their life time, would it not be a right and proper thing to fund mental health services appropriately?

There is, whether we like it or not, still a stigma to mental health. It is necessary for us, as an evolved society to overcome this stigma and prejudice to those suffering with mental health issues. I would argue, we simply need to change one word to get this seen and funded appropriately. Remover the mental part and start to see mental health issues simply as health issues.

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