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Award Winning Therapist

Award Winning Therapist

I must really have a bee in my bonnet this week, or it’s could be the practises of some of my colleagues are becoming more and more frustrating to me. In any event, we carry on with my theme of questioning the direction the profession is taking and trying to get it to reach a more adult stage of development.

Today, I want to talk about awards, or more specifically, those who claim that they are award winning therapists. Do awards exist in the hypnotherapy profession? Yes, I have amassed quite a few in my life. Does that mean that everyone who claims to be award winning is recognised by the profession? No, awards can be given for all manner of things not related to clinical work. Indeed there are places on the internet where you can buy “man of the year” awards no problem.

I do understand the need for effective marketing of therapeutic services if a person wants to survive in this field. But, as I have said previously, that marketing needs to be ethical and provable. Awards may impress some potential clients, but in reality a therapist’s reputation and qualifications will count for far more than any trophy that a person can win.

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