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Following Up Yesterday’s Post

Following Up Yesterday’s Post

I guess that I am on a kick at the moment, or the universe is giving me things to get into my proverbial bonnet. I spoke yesterday about the need for the hypnotherapy profession to grow up and begin to take itself seriously. I came across a website for a therapist who was claiming to be Europe’s Leading Expert in their particular approach to hypnotherapy.

I admit that this is an issue that irks me on a number of levels. There is no authority anywhere that bestows such titles, if a person is going to make a claim about themeselves or their practice, MUST be verifyiable and not simply the opinion or ego of the practitioner.

We do not sell cars, vacuum cleaners or timeshare. It is high time that many in our profession begin to understand that in order to present themselves professionally. Professionally means, keeping to the strict reporting of their qualifications and experience. The need to limit oneself to this is required because by not doing so, it only fuels the beliefs that hypnosis is magic and more than it is. Hypnotherapy is a very effective therapeutic approach, it does not need a huckstering approach of the people who provide this most useful service. The professional bodies need to step in and educate it’s members as to how to promote themselves ethically and honestly.

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